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We now support international Square and PayPal accounts. For businesses outside the United States: Canada, Australia, and Great Britain, orders will flow directly into your POS system and we will invoice you monthly to reclaim the customer-paid convenience fee.

Our system is different / Built specifically for restaurants and caterers!

Free, easy, contactless, online ordering for restaurants and caterers everywhere! Same-day and Pre-Order ordering. SMS Txt Msg Alerts to notify customer food is ready and to alert you of new orders. Profit sharing available and loyalty rewards when on our Premium Plan!

Take orders from your website or facebook page. Place printable instructions for your patrons on table cards or flyers and let them self-serve for ordering. Customer orders and then picks up their food in your window.

We connect customers to nearby restaurants & caterers with our mapping and ordering system.

  1. Most businesses earn at least 15% - 30% MORE $$$ per order with our gratuity selection!
  2. When you signup with us, you get a unique ordering number, QR Code, and a unique ordering link.
  3. You simply advertise this number or this link to your customers such as on your social media or website.
  4. Even print out your QR Code Sign (found under Settings) and place it in highly visible places such as in businesses or the bar or pub!

What makes us different than other ordering systems?

Flexibility of plans. More bells & whistles that both restaurants and caterers enjoy. Integration with major POS/payment systems.

View the Feature List.

How do I get started?

  1. Signup here, add your menu into the system or import it from Square or Clover (Clover coming soon), and lastly, configure your 'Order Alerts'.
  2. When customers pay, the money immediately goes into your Square, Clover (Clover coming soon), or PayPal account.
  3. Swipe the order and you can optionally alert customer via SMS Txt that order is now ready!
  4. Take a portion of our convenience fee while on our Premium Plan to earn Profity Sharing and customers will earn Loyalty Rewards.

Check out our full software feature list here.
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What are the benefits?

Did you know that people spend more money and order more food when they order online? Maybe it's the tantalizing photos of your food? Or, maybe it's the ability for people to relax and the ease by which they can easily add food to an order simply by using their phone...

Unlike delivery services like Uber Eats, we don't charge a crazy amount of money to the consumer and/or the restaurant/caterer when orders get placed.

SoHungry is a free ordering system for restaurant owners and caterers. It can generate more orders for your restaurant or catering business and provide convenience to your customers!
(don't worry, it won't cost you anything... it's free!)

Here's the flow!

How SoHungry food online ordering software works

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