Food Partners

Food Truck Pub

Food Truck Pub Partner

Food Truck Pub is our sister site dedicated to mobile food vendors. Food trucks, food carts and wagons! Anybody who relocates on a regular basis and needs tracked on an Active Food Truck Map! If you are a mobile food vendor and want to offer customers the chance to skip your line of people and take back their time, check out Food Truck Pub!

Bump KDS

Bump KDS Partner

Got multiple kitchen stations for cooking specific items? Check out Bump KDS! With Bump KDS and Square, you will have a robust Kitchen Display System that lets you digitize your kitchen workflow. By connecting your Bump account with Square, you will be able to view and manage all your restaurant orders in real-time.

Square POS System

Square POS System Integration

SoHungry is a proud partner of the Square POS System and can be found in the Square Marketplace.

Learn more about Square or signup with Square

Clover POS System

Clover POS System Integration

SoHungry is a proud partner of the Clover POS System and can be found in the Clover Marketplace.

Learn more about Clover or signup with Clover (Clover coming soon)

Shipday Delivery Management

Shipday Integration

Want to support delivery orders and manage and monitor your deliveries performed by your drivers? Check out Shipday! With Shipday, you and your customers can view your deliveries on a map and your drivers can use the Shipday Drive App to be routed to their next delivery. Shipday offers a free version that supports up to 300 deliveries per month. As delivery orders are submitted to you in SoHungry, we will also send them off to Shipday!

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