Hungry? Ready to order food?

SoHungry is a free online ordering app for restaurants and caterers!


  • It is CENTERED around you, the restaurant owner!
  • Get customers to ORDER DIRECTLY FROM YOU instead of 3rd party apps!
  • RISING 3rd party delivery services are impacting you. (Cut the cord)
  • Save Thousands $$$ per month. Use SoHungry for ordering. Integrate to 3rd parties ONLY WHEN YOU NEED DRIVERS! Learn how.
  • Take orders from your site, QR Code, or social media.
  • Short staffed? Print your QR Code for your tables. Customers order from their phones & pay, order goes directly to your kitchen. Just have food runners!

Most features are 100% FREE.

BUILT IN - Loyalty Rewards & Profit Sharing.


  • Local business, US-based
  • Direct contact for support
  • Customizable, Experienced, Flexible
  • Increase your profit. Free version available
  • Integrates to your POS
  • Virtual/Ghost Kitchens


Pickup Catering

Dropoff Catering

Be seen on our Active Food Map!

Profit Sharing!

Loyalty Rewards!

Direct Ordering Link and QR Codes

(hand these out on flyers and put these on social media such as Facebook)

Customer will 'click' to order!

Want to offer delivery? Tired of paying expensive fees to services like UberEats?

If you offer deliveries, use SoHungry as your front-end for customer ordering. Then, bring your own drivers. Or, if you need drivers, link 3rd party delivery services (UberEats, DoorDash, GrubHub) to a free ShipDay account. Delivery orders will be sent from SoHungry into ShipDay and then out to your connected 3rd party.

Saves you $$$!

More bells & whistles - Yet simple to use!

Get your website from SoHungry

Up to 6 customizable web pages that link directly to your ordering page on SoHungry

SMS Txt Notifications, Email Notifications, order can auto-print to your POS system

Receive full order via txt msg, swipe to notify customer ready for pickup!

You won't miss a beat!

Reporting Dashboard

View charting, inventory, export to Excel!

Profit Sharing Dashboard

View the money you have made on EVERY order taken on our Premium Plan in SoHungry!

Order Prep Time & Throttling

Control your volume of orders!
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